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HIV and AIDS - Treatment in India

About Us

At Hootone Remedies, we as a health care product manufactures, believe that only selection of herbs is not the right choice to offer holistic health or care solutions, but amalgamating the use of unani medicine knowledge, expertise and experience in providing perfect, time-tested solutions for incurable disease.

Established in the year 1982, we offer customized counseling based on Unani and herbal percepts, complementary and alternative medicine hand in hand with data of mainstream medicine and highly effective herbal formulations. Our vast experience, qualified researchers from all branches of Unani medicines, unmatched dedication, post treatment follow-up and compassion have given us a distinguished space not in India and across the world. We are well established & experienced unani pharmaceutical company engaged in providing holistic HIV and AIDS care counseling and finished products having GMP certifications. Herbs are the natural healers which are available at affordable cost as compared to the expensive ART medicines.

Products manufactured at Hootone Remedies are prepared with utmost care, keeping in view the properties, maximum level of potency for highest quality, and most effective, pure and natural compounds in products, to be made available to the suffering masses to allay the distress and ensure wellness. Our products have GMP certified, complying advanced processing methods, hygiene and dehydration technologies to ensure that herbs and ingredients retain their maximum level of healing property.

Indian Medicine System Suggests Breakthrough Ways of Eradicating HIV

'A Cure Is Possible with the help of Unani'

In recent years in India, a series of findings in unani medicine research, have shown that HIV can substancially be eradicated in all patients. Now unani medicne researcher scientists are contending to finally find a cure that could drastically change the lives of millions of people worldwide living with HIV in their body.

Hootone remedies is HIV specialist medicne manufacturin company, located in mumbai in India. Prior to 1996, in the days before highly effective anti-retroviral drugs were invented and developed, many Aids patients observed the horror of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), which is induced by HIV, and the deaths of many AIDS patients. At the time, the bony, undernaurished bodies of AIDS patients were weaken of their strength by infections and useup by tumors.

A New Kind of HIV Patient treated by HOOIMM PLUS

The new allopatic antiretroviral drugs came too late for AIDS-related illness. There was job discriminations with the HIV infected workers at job places. No Aids patient was allowed to work as a waiter, machinist, clerk or any other work and had to go into retirement. "What should I do now?" the Aids infected person asked himself at the time. Hoo IMM Plus the anti HIV medicine came to rescue these patients and treat the HIV infection. Hoo Imm Plus is herbal medicine and it has no side effects to the AIDS patients.

During the early days of Allopathic anti-retroviral drug, Aids patient has to take up to 20 pills a day, sometimes it causes severe side effects. But as the time passed every year, the anti-retroviral therapy became more bearable, and today he only takes three pills a day. But still these moderen antiretoviral medicines has side effects. But our Herbal medicine for AIDS is free from side effects and it cures the AIDS in effective manner.

Thre is another draw back of allopathic anti-retroviral medicine, it also don’t suit to everyone and responds so well to treat the AIDS in South Africa and Kenya. These modren antiretrovral drugs can increase the risk of cancer and heart attacks to the AIDS patients, and these drugs can also lead to bone loss and kidney disorders. But the above mentioned side effects are not caused by our herbal AIDS treatment medicine. Nevertheless, HIV-infected patients who begin our herbal anti AIDS therapy early enough now have a nearly normal life without HIV in his body. The herbal drugs provides a cure for HIV. Our herbal medicine for AIDS and HIV treatment manage to stop the virus from making copies of itself and spreading, our drug made HIV to get rid of the body entirely. There is large number of patients those infected with HIV are lucky enough to have a distinctive, inherent genetic feature that can keep the pathogen in check.