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HIV and AIDS - Treatment in India

Best HIV Treatment and Hiv Functional Cure in India

People living with HIV/AIDS in India generally choose Herbal or Unani and alternative medicine for AIDS to complement or replace traditional AIDS treatment to Functional Cure Hiv. The existence of multi-drug or even multiclass resistance in HIV also affirms the requirement to analyze extra means to fight HIV and provide further reason for the requirement of alternative medicines for Hiv Functional Cure in the treatment of HIV/ AIDS India.

Ayurvedic Herbal and Natural Functional Cure for Aids & HIV

HIV and AIDS are spreading disease which causes lots of death in the world. AIDS is destructive disease where the AIDS patient battles with the death. He battles for the survival and to get rid of the HIV and AIDS. But this deadly disease does not allow AIDS patient to live a long and natural life. HIV goes on killing the patients with depression or by any other associated disease.

UNAIDS has asked all countries to give HIV treatment to all who tested HIV positive, because HIV and AIDS treatment keeps an HIV infected person living with AIDS healthy and has the two benefit of blocking the HIV transmission to other persons.

Latest advances in the treatment of HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS is a disease that changes the human immune system. AIDS is the last stage of HIV infection. If an HIV positive patient is abandoned untreated with HIV and Hiv Functional Cure medicine, his/her health worsened into full-blown AIDS where the human immune system stops functioning. Thus the human immune system is helpless to defend the person from diseases or infections. The AIDS causing virus can be passes on from an HIV-positive person through the transfer of human body fluids. This exchange of body fluids can happen through sex, blood transfusion, needles or from a mother to child during pregnancy and birth. Though there is no Functional Cure yet in modern medicine system, but Unani Herbal antiretroviral treatment has proven to be very effective to cure HIV and AIDS in India and Africa.

Herbal Treatment for HIV and AIDS in India

Since 1982, Hootone Remedies aims at researching & developing herbal drugs, especially the life saving ones in Unani system of medicines and our R&D wing had several landmark achievements to its credit, like formulating the most outstanding anti-retroviral herbal drug HOO-IMM Plus which recorded 98% inhibition in invitro test whereas the inhibition recorded by any other anti-retroviral drug in the present market is within the range of 35-65 only.

Unani Medicine and AIDS

HIV Unani Treatment


Antiretroviral therapy in India

AIDS is an abbreviation for the 'Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome'. AIDS is not a lone disease but it is a ailment - a set of diseases, which results from the devastation of the body's armaments by human immune deficiency virus, called HIV.

The virus that causes 'Aids' known as HIV belongs to a family of viruses known as retroviruses. HIV looks like a coiled up porcupine. It includes two snakes like individual strands of RNA along with opposite copy securely covered in a core, giving HIV its characteristic appearance.

HIV/AIDS Symptoms, Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment

On get in the white blood cells called CD 4 cells, HIV make its own DNA and sees to it that this gets infused into the DNA of the host cell. The viral DNA has adequate power and clue to direct the fate of the cell. It can beat the cell to produce several new copies of HIV. However due to certain trigger and regulatory system, the viral DNA stays dormant in the host cell for many years before it starts to do the injury.