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HIV and AIDS - Treatment in India

Herbal HIV Treatment in India

Hoo Imm Plus is unique herbal formulation contains Ayurvedic herbs that are customarily used to eradicate HIV from the dody of HIV infected person and boost the immune system. Hoo Imm Plus aids in a healthy immune response and also helps in the detoxification of the blood and lymph. Herbal medicine for Hiv Functional Cure cherishes all parts and aid to fight against different viral Infections. Hoo Imm Plus Care is highly intensive formulation augmenting immune system which can be of great value in HIV treatment and all acute viral Infections.

Healthy Lifestyle during Hiv Functional Cure

HIV infected Patient should be given such foods which covers all nutrients. He should be inspired to do easy physical exercise which does not pressure his weak health. He should be kept busy in productive activities which enhance the good tendencies inherent in him. HIV infected Patient is considered to do regular exercise. If the HIV infected patient is not able to do exercising or running due to physical weakness, then steaming is also recommended.

Natural therapy and treatment for HIV AIDS

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. When HIV enters in a person’s body, HIV moves inside white blood cells known as "CD4 lymphocytes." HIV conquers the CD4 cells and makes copies of billions of HIV each day. The HIV copies expand throughout the body of a person. HIV infected person’s body tries to protect itself against HIV by producing antibodies and by special cells called macrophages and natural killer T-cells. These antibodies and special cells help HIV infected person to get rid of some of the virus copies. After acute HIV infection, body of HIV infected person works hard to attack the HIV in defense. With your body combating with the HIV and stopped it to make copies. Even though HIV infected person still have HIV infection in his body. Over 10 to 15 years, HIV would kill so many CD4 cells that your body could no longer fight off infections. Now, HIV infected person is diagnosed as having AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Once HIV infected person is diagnosed with AIDS, he can easily get infected with many serious infections.

HIV Treatment for Sexual Abuse/Rape Victims in South Africa

Post exposure Treatment for HIV:

Health care workers who are by chance exposed to HIV causing virus through, like needle prick accident should start taking herbal anti-retroviral medicine as soon as available after the occurrence and preferably within 24 hours of the exposure to HIV. The herbal anti-retroviral drugs are consistently taken for three months. From analyzing thousands of aforementioned accidental exposures to AIDS health care workers, it has been computed that after all the exposure of getting HIV infection from such an mishap is quite low, taking herbal anti-retroviral medicines eliminates the risk of infection.

Hiv Treatment for Rape victims

Women who have been raped should also begin herbal anti-retroviral medicines at the earliest moment. Even though there is no evidence as yet in humans, most consultants conclude that this is highly probability to eliminate the risk of HIV infection, just as the herbal medicine curtail the HIV infections after needle prick accidents and eliminates transfer of HIV from a mother to her newborn child. Currently some unproved work on monkeys and extracted data from rape victims clinics have proved this theory, and displays that the anti-retroviral drugs must be taken early to be effective.

The government of South Africa funds anti-retroviral drugs in the case of rape. Yet this free treatment to rape victims is very difficult to get outside of large hospitals in South Africa. There are special rape centers where anti-retroviral treatment is available to the rape victims.