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HIV and AIDS - Treatment in India

Starting HIV AIDS treatment for Hiv Functional Cure

Side effects generally occur in the first few weeks of taking a allopathic anti-HIV drugs in India. Some AIDS patients bear the stress when starting HIV and AIDS medication to Hiv Functional cure. Most of the unani ayurvedic herbal traditional system of medicine in India contains extracts of medicinal herb or natural plant products. The activity of these Herbal, Unani, Ayurvedic traditional medicines for Hiv Functional Cure are scientifically analysed in their anti-HIV activities. A number of Herbal, Ayurvedic, Unani and medicinal plants have been reported to have anti-HIV properties. Over the last 20 years, ample advancement has been made in research on the herbal, natural products having Hiv Functional Cure properties. Beside traditional and herbal ayurvedic and unani medicine for Hiv Functional Cure is also a one among the great culture of India.


Aids Treatment Ayurvedic Outlook

As per Ayurveda the AIDS disease may be correspond with "Kshaya' or "Ojakshaya' meaning loss of vigor. The Symptoms and inventive factors and treatment for the latter are found cited in many age old Ayurvedic texts like, Charaka Samhitha, Bhavaprakasha, Vaidyachintamani and Chakradatta etc., Shosha is one more condition, which results from loss of vigor that is very much like to AIDS.


The AIDS is leads by the superior kapha dosha along with the other doshas likely to block the path for the movement of rasadi dhatus in their respective locations thus developing in the decy of saptha dhatu Rasa(plasma), Rakta (blood cells), Mansa ( muscular tissue), Meda (adipose tissue), Asthi (bony tissue), Majja (bone marrow) and the Shukra (reproductive tissue). Thus arise into the AIDS.

The major symptoms of AIDS are:

  • Deficit of appetite, severe loss of weight gauntness
  • Weakness and Laziness
  • Sensitivity to allergies and deadly diseases
  • Skin inflammation
  • Bronchial clutter, often leading to TB of the lungs
  • Injury to intestinal flora developing in to diarrhea, dysentery, gastritis
  • Broad variations in body temperature, continued fever
  • Insomnia

All imply not lost for the HIV contaminated peoples as the Ayurvedic supplements are confirm to be harmless without any side effects and there can only be battering and not worsening.

The first step to stem the HIV disease is to guarantees a good and healthy environment for the patient. He should be encircled by well meaning friends and relatives who must assert that the AIDS disease state is completely curable. Nothing negative should be debate before the AIDS patient.

The AIDS patient should be given healthy food which is conveniently digestible. He should be encouraged to do easy exercise which does not pain his delicate health. He should be kept committed in fruitful exercise which enhances the good habit inherent in him. At First, the patients are given tonics and rejuvenators (Rasayanas) to increase immunity levels and to built up the system and stimulate appetite.

After acquiring some energy, shodhana (elimination) methods are used to dislodge toxins from the body of AIDS patients through enemas, eliminations and emesis. The medications administered at this stage are not hard or severe, but creamy, ghee-based so that the AIDS patients combat them with ease.

2ndly the blood is absolved with suitable medications. Liver healing measures also play an important role. A powerful diet along with medicated nutrient preparations and soups is suggested. But spicy, oily and acidic foods are to be avoided. AIDS patient is suggested to do regular exercise. If the AIDS patient is incompetent of exercising or running due to physical weakness, then steaming (swedanam) is also suggested. Reason behind this is 'warmed blood is said to weaken, and even demolish, the virus in some cases>

Experience has proved that certain herbal mineral compounds processed as per the formula recommended by contemplatives like Agasthya, Charaka, Sarangadhara and others for the treatment of Kshaya have carried significant results in improving the condition of AIDS patients in India. The Rasayana and Vajikara effects of these herbal medicines preparations are good for the AIDS patients in ancient India. Some of the antidote Ayurvedic medicinal preparation is achieving a good enhancement in the quality of life of AIDS patients include 'Chyavanprash', 'Raktavardhak' for Immunity building and 'Sookshma Triphla' to keep away the infection.


Chyavanprash is an example of an Ayurvedic Functional cure for HIV which may be of use in the medication of persons diagnosed with AIDS. 'Chyavanprash' is most valuable and most famous rejuvenator tonic (Rasayana) of Ayurveda. Chyavanprash is an Ayurvedic unani herbal formulation which improves ojas, and brings back the digestive, gasping and sexual systems. It is commonly employed in wasting conditions where it has been clinically shown to boost health and help in weight gain. The main elements in Chyavanprash are Amala, which is the highest natural source of vitamin C, with 3000 mg per fruit. Amala is also a rich source of naturally existing anti-oxidants containing bioflavonoid, vitamin B-complex and carotenes (vitamin A). Research and studies proposes that this Indian gooseberry possesses antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Amala helps in digestion, controls the high blood pressure and blood cholesterol. Clinical research has displays that it expedites the repair of muscle and skin and augments natural anti-inflammatory elements. Chayvanprash also contains about 35 others unani medicinal herbs which intensify and augment the effects of its main ingredient which is a powerful herbal formulation may certainly helpful in the treatment of patients who have been diagnosed with AIDS.