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HIV and AIDS - Treatment in India

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What are HIV and AIDS?

The full form of word HIV is Human Immune Deficiency Virus & AIDS is Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome. The HIV is a kind of virus that consumes the nutrients and energy given to the human cells for growth and cloned itself to infect the human cells. AIDS is the last stage of HIV infection which makes disruptions to the immune system of the patient body and deteriorates to fight against infections or the other ailments. Sometimes this takes in a decade or two to become AIDS from HIV, if the patient has started the medical care at earliest. The AIDS symptoms may not be visible for years.

HIV can be cured by Herbal and unani medicine and they are very effective & affordable. There are many HIV patients who undergo the herbal treatment for HIV and got a success in all the HIV cases. One can notice the symptomatic relief in 45 to 60 days and complete Functional Cure may take more time. The cost of the herbal and unani medicine is very low in comparison to allopathic anti-retroviral treatment.


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