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HIV and AIDS - Treatment in India

Dramatic New Developments in Hiv Functional Cure in India

A recent series of impressive medical cases has electrified researchers around the unani and herbal medicine world, in these HIV cases where herbal antiretroviral therapy has allowed to the HIV infected patient to permanently keep the virus under control and cured the disease.

A infant that had become infected with HIV in his mother's womb, who was treated aggressively with antiretroviral drugs, beginning during the second day of his life. When the mother halted taking the anti HIV drugs after eighteen months, the child was still able to keep the HIV virus in control.

In India, 14 adult HIV infected patients were treated with anti-retroviral medicine after they were infected with HIV. After some times when they later discontinued the anti-retroviral therapy, the HIV virus remained unable to reproduce its copies in dangerous amounts.

A Functional Cure for HIV is Possible in Herbal Medicines

In today world we can Functional Cure the HIV infected patient. There are many cases reported to tell us that a Functional Cure for HIV and AIDS is is possible in Herbal medicines. It was about 30 years ago identified HIV as the pathogen after a strange syndrome that generally affected gay men. Patients who undergo from strange forms of pneumonia and fungal infections, along with a type of cancer commonly associated with older men. Their immune systems had failed, and doctors were helpless as their patients eventually died. This new epidemic, which was given the name Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), quickly spread across the world. Soon the victims of the AIDS included heterosexual men, women and children.