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HIV and AIDS - Treatment in India

Hiv Aids Treatment Unani Hospital In India

According to the Unani system of Medicines, health does not mean mere physical fitness, but, physical, mental and spiritual well being of a human being and therefore our policy has been first to impart proper spiritual training to the patients to make their mental make-up conducive to accept our treatment and then to treat the disease.

'Prevention is better than cure'. In keeping with this medical dictum we give priority in the processing of prophylactic products together with indoctrinating the people at large through electronic and printed media towards this concept.

Hiv Functional Cure is Possible

3 Major steps towards Hiv Functional Cure:-

  • Reasons why HIV has been such a difficult medical challenge.
  • Any Hiv Functional Cure requires finding viral reservoirs, "waking" them up, and making them visible for treatment.
  • Making visible & inhibiting the latent viral reservoirs - HIV proviral DNA.

Unani Herbal research finds Functional Cure to HIV and AIDS

A cure for HIV and AIDS is found by promising research done by Hootone Remedies and conquered the AIDS causing virus. To cure HIV and AIDS we require to decrease the amount of AIDS causing virus and enhance the immune response to HIV. Our HIV treatment medicine has to stop the AIDS causing virus from taking hold again. If AIDS patient is on our HIV treatment by herbal antiretroviral medicine has given them back their health and happiness.


Ashok Kumar Delhi

i am Ashok, 29 years from Delhi India. It was a year back that got ill and feeling weakness, dizziness, tremble of hands and upset in stomach. I visited the general physician and took medicines, but did not get any relief and the problems were increasing along with recurrent fever and as per the suggestion of the consultant. I tested myself for HIV and it was found positive and even after antiretroviral medication I was not getting any relief. I got to know about HooImm Plus from internet and started my treatment and from last 5 months I am under herbal anti HIV medication and have improved a lot. Even though I had lost hope in life, but now after Herbal anti aids medication and counseling have got a new life.

Ram Singh Kolkota

I am Ram Singh 30 years old from Kolkota West Bengal India. Two years back I suffered with rashes and high grade fever after, one few days of high grade fever I noticed swollen lymph nodes and no relief in fever. I took treatment from an allopathic doctor and had no relief from illness, and there was a drastic weight loss. After getting dejected from everywhere i call hootone remedies after visiting website and approached them, and am under medication right now and have got a very good improvement.

Emmanuel Nigeria

hello!!I am Emmanuel 35 years old living in Nigeria. I got detected HIV positive and was suffering with burning sensation of tongue along with a white coating and lost weight and having diarrhea like conditions and right now taking anti HIV treatment from Hootone Remedies Mumbai India about HooImm Plus anti HIV medicine I got information from one of my friend and have really found relief after starting the Herbal Anti HIV medicine Thanks.

Zoya Ahmad Durban South Africa

My Name is Zoya Ahmad I am 28 years old living in Durban South Africa. One day I notices rashes on my whole body, but I did not care much on that day, but on the very next day I started feeling dizziness and had very high body temp. Due to this I was admitted to nearby hospital. There I was under lots of medications but did not get any relief. My illness was not getting diagnosed and in the last my consultant suggested me to get tested for HIV and reports gave positive result was feeling very depressed after knowing that I have HIV, One of my neighbor suggested about herbal medication for Hiv Functional Cure and in search I visited several websites on internet and without any delay I approached to the ayurvedic line of treatment of Hootone Remedies and by the grace of god, support of my family and of course with the help HIV treatment Medicines. I found relief and morally also was supported by the doctors over there whom I really want to thank.