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HIV and AIDS - Treatment in India

Herbal HIV Treatment is Effective

More than half of people living with HIV do not get HIV and AIDS treatment. This means that less than half of HIV infected people are not on any antiretroviral treatment for AIDS. At this time, the most effective way to treat and cure HIV is by suppressing the virus using herbal and ayurvedic antiretroviral therapy (ART). Our herbal antiretroviral treatment is a daily pill, taken until he flushed out the HIV from body. As soon as someone is diagnosed with HIV and AIDS they should start herbal treatment to cure the HIV and AIDS. If HIV is invisible from the blood, then the HIV cannot be transmitted to other people.

Follow-up Hiv Treatment in India

Follow-up HIV and AIDS treatment and examinations will involve punctual visits to a HIV treatment doctors to oversee the progress of HIV and AIDS disease, to determine and treat other AIDS related infections and to keep up to date with latest HIV and AIDS treatments in India. Routine dental examinations are essential, because people living with HIV and AIDS have a higher rate of mouth disease, including gum disease.

How can HIV infection be blocked?

  • Lessen the number of sexual partners.
  • Always practice safer sex with only one partner.
  • Use condoms during sex.
  • Stay away from alcohol and drugs.
  • Do not share needles/syringes.
  • All medical and surgical instruments, including those used for tattooing, body piercing or circumcision, are completely sterilized.

Be tested frequently and get treatment for other STDs (women and men with open sores from herpes, syphilis or cancroids are more 1e to HIV than other people).

Preventative treatment for opportunistic infections to HIV infected person

Children should receive their normal vaccinations as per schedule, but if baby is already infected with Aids and HIV, he should not get the vaccine against Tuberculosis. Additional vaccinations may be prescribed to both adults and children living with AIDS and HIV. All children, as well as adults who have started showing the indications of HIV disease (or have CD4+ count less than 200 cells pe mm3), should take an antibiotic. This antibiotic averts Pneumocystis jerovici pneumonia. Adults or children living with the HIV and AIDS and have had TB or who have contact with people with TB (especially at home) should take anti-TB drugs as well.

HIV-positive people frequently deal with behavior of being getting treated differently by others or even ignore because they hoist an deadly infectious disease that is transferred by sex by blood transfusion, sharing of needles and from HIV infected mother to her unborn child. There is also the worry about the danger of opportunistic illness and finally untimely death. It is therefore important to receive emotional support from a psychologist or a support group.