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HIV and AIDS - Treatment in India

HIV and AIDS Alternative Treatments

Many seminars and debates was organized by the panel of doctors about HIV treatment at Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Noida, Pune, and Kolkata. HIV which means Human Immuno Virus is a deadly virus which directly affects immune system of human body. Usually HIV infected person don’t accept even after getting HIV infection, because HIV is the disease which is not acceptable in the society. The only mentality of the society about HIV is that it causes due to sex outside the marriage but there are many reasons like using syringes of affected persons, during pregnancy and breast feeding to the new born child. Society think that HIV can transmit from one infected person to another by eating together, shaking hand with HIV affected person.

Herbal treatments and remedies for HIV / AIDS

These HIV awareness seminar were focused to create understanding in the persons that rather than running away from HIV infected person, try to impart complete knowledge of HIV and AIDS to help HIV infected patient coming out of it through Herbal, Ayurveda and Unani medicine for HIV and in India. HIV can be treated by Ayurvedic and Herbal medicines along with the active herbal ingredients of in the AIDS treatment medicine, there is a great possibility of HIV getting killed by our Herbal medicine HIV treatment.

Symptoms of Early HIV Infection

Many people who get infected with HIV has no symptoms for many years. Others infected persons may develop symptoms like flu, usually within 2-6 weeks after catching the virus. These symptoms can be seen and noticed up to 4 weeks. People who got HIV infection and have above mentioned symptoms may mistake them for the general flu or cold. Common early symptoms of HIV infection are Fever, chills, Sore throat, Headache, Muscle aches and joint pain, Skin rash. After these early symptoms of HIV infection ended, an HIV infected person may not have these symptoms again for years. After some time these symptoms reappear and then remain and becomes permanent. These symptoms usually are Swollen lymph nodes, Extreme tiredness, Weight loss, Fever, Night sweats.

Successful Long Term Treatment of HIV/AIDS

In many HIV infection cases, after the beginning symptoms vanished, there will not be any new or more symptoms for some years until it changes into AIDS. During this time, the HIV continuously develop and damages the immune system of the HIV infected person. This period may be up to 10 years or more. During this period HIV infected person will show any symptoms, feels well and looks healthy. A HIV consultant or doctor may sense HIV infection if symptoms last for many days and no other cause can be found.