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HIV and AIDS - Treatment in India

Diagnostic Tests for HIV/AIDS and its Treatment in India

If you have been exposed to HIV infection, human body immune system will make antibodies to destroy the HIV. Diagnostic centers use Urine and Saliva samples to identify the HIV presence in the body and if it shows any symptoms of HIV infection, it should be confirm by the blood test. Most of the HIV diagnostic Labs use two types of blood tests, called the ELISA and the Western blot. If the ELISA is found positive (meaning that HIV antibodies are found in the blood), a Western blot or other diagnostic test will be done to confirm HIV infection.

Why is it so difficult to Hiv Functional Cure and aids?

Curing HIV and AIDS is generally taken to mean clearing the body from HIV, the virus that leads to cause AIDS. Most recent researches confirm that in the case of HIV, virus enters itself into the DNA of CD4 T lymphocytes (which are embroiled in triggering immune reaction) and HIV turns active by imposing host cell to make copies of itself and take over other cells or it lies inoperative. In dormant condition, rather than of making new copies of the HIV causing virus, it lies inoperative for many years or even more than ten years and the only sign of its existence being a very small particle of foreign DNA in the cell’s genome.

Starting antiretroviral treatment for HIV

With the passing years, these inoperative HIV causing viruses pose a constant danger to the distressed person with a gradually weakening immune system. Sadly, Modern anti-HIV drugs and medicines only target the active HIV infection present in the human body, when the HIV causing virus is taking over cell and making duplicate copies of itself, the dormant HIV remain untouched and persists hidden in the dormant state, always prepared to wake up at any time. Modern medicines in Anti-HIV therapy interfere in the making of HIV copies but does not blow unscathed virus that remains dormant in the body. Many research and studies have found that if HIV and AIDS treatment is stopped then HIV causing virus can accommodate itself by slip out of these “viral reservoirs”.

Antiretroviral therapy (anti-HIV drugs)

In modern and allopathic, ART (Anti-Retroviral therapy) is administered to restrain the virus from making copies. The allopathic anti HIV drugs do not kill or HIV Functional Cure. However, when anti HIV drugs taken in combinations they can block the growth of the virus. But anti HIV treatment can have many side effects and health complications, each anti HIV medicine has its own side effects like deposition of fat on the back and abdomen, Diarrhea like situation, general sick feeling (malaise), headache, nausea and weakness. When HIV infected person used anti HIV medicine for long time, it increases the risk of heart attack, perhaps by increasing the level of cholesterol and glucose (sugar) in the blood.