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HIV and AIDS - Treatment in India

HooImm Plus will help you in prevention of HIV/AIDS

HooImm Plus is a herbal unani medicine formulation for HIV/AIDS treatment in India. Which help HIV/AIDS patients to restore their CD4 counts back to normal within few weeks of uses. CD4 count restoration depends on the condition of the HIV/AIDS phase and other opportunistic diseases.

This is a herbal remedy available across the world. HooImm Plus can kill the HIV present in human body safely within a very small period of time. One can see the progress of treatment in 30-60 days (with regular usage of the right dose).

HooImm Plus does not cause any side effect

If you want to see the change that happens in the body of AIDS patient after using herbal formulation for AIDS treatment, one can have a blood test one week after regular consumption of herbal anti-retroviral natural remedy. You can notice clearly the difference of virus formation rate in the AIDS patient’s blood, before and after consuming the herbal remedy for Hiv Functional Cure in India.

Herbal Remedy for HIV and AIDS treatment works on our pioneering principle:-

  • Inhibits viral multiplication.
  • Augments production of CD4 lymphocytes cell.
  • Immuno Restorative
  • Treatment & Prophylaxis for Opportunistic Infections.
  • Stimulate & sustain physiological activity in the body.

How unani herbal medicine for AIDS treatment acts for HIV/ AIDS:

  • Decreases RNA viral load up to undetectable level.
  • Increases CD4 Helper T cells.
  • Tones up functions of vital organs of the body.
  • Curtail the development of ailments.
  • Reduce & stop the vulnerability to opportunistic infections.
  • Not prone to Multi drug resistance.
  • It is safe & free from side effects & contra-indications.
  • Completely free from any of the injurious ingredients like lead or steroid.
  • Immunity, vigour & vitality of the patient is restored enabling him to lead a productive energetic life.
  • It is very efficacious as a prophylactic to prevent transmission of HIV virus from mother to foetus during pregnancy.