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HIV and AIDS - Treatment in India

Challenges of Herbal Hiv Functional Cure medicine

Though in modern medicine system or allopathic medicines there is no cure for HIV. Now a days modern medicine antiretroviral treatment of HIV has transformed it from a death sentence to a manageable illness. But in Unani and ayurvedic medicines there is a cure AIDS and HIV. Bold and big steps have been taken against the HIV in the last 3 decades, and cure for HIV is found in Indian medicine system and unani medicines can completely cure HIV in India. Modern medicine research try to find cure for HIV the focus has changed from blocking the HIV causing virus from cloning to approximately getting rid of the virus. Modren Medicine Scientists have been finding where and how the AIDS causing virus remain unseen in the body and examining the immune system response of people who are naturally immune to the HIV. Modern Medicine research scientists are using one of the two methods in order to get cure from HIV – either throw it out and kill the dormant HIV concealing in the cells and tissues with Hiv Functional Cure medicine or allow the AIDS patient’s body to combat HIV by altering HIV and AIDS patient’s DNA.

With advancement in unani herbal anti-HIV medicines since 1996, many HIV infected persons reported managed very well with their HIV and AIDS medication. These HIV infected persons said that they do not have any side effects of the Herbal AIDS and Hiv Functional Cure medicine. Aids patients noticed benefits of HIV and AIDS medication, like feeling more energies have come back. Herbal medicines for Hiv Functional Cure do not have side effects at all. Some AIDS patients have more upsetting side effects from their allopathic anti-HIV drugs for treatment of AIDS.

Is there a cure for HIV or AIDS?

There is no Functional Cure for HIV or AIDS in modren medicine system, it means that there is no treatment or medicine which has been scientifically proven to reliably eliminate the HIV from a patient's body or the HIV treatment which can reverse the damage to the immune system. But in herbal and aurvedic medicine system there is a treatment which can eliminate the HIV from the body and can reverse the damage done to the immune system of the body by HIV.

There have been many researches and advances to treat HIV and developed many anti-retroviral therapies in recent years which can improved the living health persons living with HIV, and more and more people are getting life longer but along with HIV present in the body. In Indian medicine system of HIV treatment we can treat the patient living with HIV and can cure the AIDS which is impossible in alopathic medicine system.

There are many herbs available in unani medicne system which naturally suppress and kills the HIV and helps AIDS patients to live healthy life. But if any patient opt to use allopathic anti-retrovirals drugs to reduce the HIV, instead of removing the HIV it causes the damage to the other parts.

HIV and AIDS Medicine in India

If any one infected with HIV will be said that he is 'functionally cured' of HIV if the AIDS Patient after treatment of HIV stops taking medicines. The term 'functionally cured' is comes true in case of HOOIMM Plus an HIV and AIDS treatment drug helps in curing person from HIV and he doesn't require to take anti HIV medications, and there is very little of the HIV is present in his body that they are not being affected by it. It is 100% clear this will stay true in the long term.

There are many cases of infants born to HIV-positive mothers are not HIV-infected it is due to our herbal antiretrovirals which war given to her during the pregnancy. The baby born to the HIV inffected mother on our anti HIV medication maintained an undetectable viral load.

What is "undetectable of HIV" means?

Some times aids patients says that HIV viral load is “undetectable” they say it when the levels of HIV in the blood stream is very low and it can't be measured. When an AIDS patient takes their anti HIV medicines every day, the anti HIV medicines are able to erradicate and stop the virus from replicating or making copies of itself. When this process occurs, the amount of HIV in a person's blood stream goes down to a level which is very low that viral load tests can't detect HIV in the patient's blood. In this condition so one can say the person's viral load is undetectable.

Why is "undetectable of HIV" important?
Getting HIV undetectable in the body of AIDS patient is important for a few reasons.

First of all an AIDS patient who reach & maintain an undetectable HIV viral load are healthier and can live normal life. Getting on HIV treatment right direction and getting HIV undetectable helps to make sure that you do not develop AIDS related infections and deseases and other serious health eproblems like heart disease.

Getting AIDS patient viral load down to undetectable level also helps to prevent new infections like Weight loss, Chronic diarrhea, Night sweats, Fever, Persistent cough, Mouth and skin problems, Regular infections, Serious illnesses or diseases. Research shows that peoples living with HIV who are on herbal anti-retroviral treatment and have a suppressed viral load. Now AIDS patient do not transmit HIV during sex to his or her partner through semen or vaginal fluid. In other words, if a person is living with HIV and have viral load at undetectable level, AIDS patient do not worry about transmitting HIV on to sex partners. Many AIDS patients, being undetectable level have a sense of freedom, brings less anxiety during sex, and reduces taboo associated with HIV.