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HIV and AIDS - Treatment in India

Different methods for prevention HIV

Ample amounts of research on HIV and AIDS medication are also being put into the herbal HIV medicine development, which has many current clinical trials, there have been big approaches in understanding HIV pathogenesis and the human immune system, several different challenges remain before an effective herbal medicine is developed for HIV and Hiv Functional Cure in India.

Continuous efforts must attempt to made people educate about different conditions of the AIDS, in order to decrease the number of opportunistic infections and deaths due to HIV infection or AIDS. Though the numbers of opportunistic infections and AIDS deaths are started declining, we still requires to stand up for HIV and AIDS blockage efforts, so persons who are HIV negative hold HIV negative status.

There are many mediums for realise HIV prevention like holding back from doing sex, decreasing the number of sexual partners, accurate and regular use of condom, male circumcision, Herbal HIV medications for blocking infection, pre-and post-exposure prophylaxis and all needs some behavioral change or action on the part of the users.

Persons must be tested more frequently so that infected person may get herbal treatment for HIV infections as soon as they are tested positive. Starting early treatment for HIV can reduces the levels of the flowing of virus and blocks onward transmission to HIV negative persons. We requires to make sure that HIV infected person who is on Herbal HIV treatment must continue to take their hiv medicines daily and keep the virus in check for their own health and to stop transmission to other members of the family and sexual partners.

Our Vision/Mission eradication of AIDS

Herbal Medical Science is helping ailing humanity with a noble cause and nurturing hope for suffering mankind without any side effect. Our approach towards patients and Medical Science is not business-oriented, but thoroughly on the holistic healing of the patients suffering with various diseases. Our mission is to have compassionate vision to identify and eradicate the cause. At Hootone Remedies we strive to provide best herbal and unani treatment options, entailing all aspects, in-line with the updated research, knowledge and data available with our unani medicine R&D Wing. We are improving lives of HIV patients with our herbal treatments and restoring their faith in unani and herbal medical sciences and humanity. In living this vision, we are inspired to introduce a new model, ethics and reliable products with our commitment, hard work and dedication. And, this goal comes true by extensive research and intellectual expertise in this field of Unani herbal Medicine. We respond and reach to our clients quickly. Instead of looking for number of patients, we believe in taking qualitative approach to reach our patients and fulfill their requirements.

Does it mean, HIV can be cured?

Yes HIV can be cured unto negative and undetectable level by herbal medicnes for AIDS in India. If AIDS patient stop taking your anti HIV herbal medications, viral load of AIDS patient will not go back up to detectable levels. That's why it's very important to note that herbal anti HIV medications are very useful in erdicating the AIDS.

How long will it take for me to get to undetectable?

It depends on every persons health conditions. It means that how high is your viral load was before you started treatment with herbal anti AIDS medicnes, AIDS patient CD4 cell count, HIV inffected person’s general health and also what medications you were taking before starting our Herbal UnaniHIV Functional Cure drugs. Generally, the goal of our treatment is to get HIV to undetectable in the body of patient after 16 – 24 weeks of unani aids treatment.

HIV drugs and mother to child transmission (MTCT)

Pregnant women who are HIV positive can decrease the risk of infecting their unborn babies by using herbal anti-retroviral medicine during the pregnancy. All along pregnancy, at 14 weeks of evolution or as soon as possible, our herbal medicine for treatment of Aids should be given for pregnant women. Thereafter, an HIV PCR test will be performed to decide the ongoing AIDS and HIV management of the baby born to the HIV infected woman. A well planned c-section will also curtail the risk of HIV being transmitted to the baby, as most infections occur during labor itself.

Prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV

Babies can be infected by breastfeeding, so most consultants strongly advice that HIV infected mothers should feed their babies by bottles. It is believed that breastfeeding may literally increase the chance of HIV transmission through the mother's milk to her baby. The advantages of breast milk are sadly lost to these babies, getting formula or bottle milk at least guarantees they are not unprotected to HIV. Some HIV infected mothers may choose to feed their breast milk which can feed to the babies after pasteurized. This pasteurization process kills reasonable HIV, and preserves the unique nutrient content of the breast milk. All babies who are HIV-exposed should have an HIV PCR test done at every six weeks to know whether they have contracted HIV. For babies who are on breast fed, a PCR test investigation should be done on the infant 6 weeks after stopping of breast feeding. All babies with a positive PCR investigation should start herbal anti-retroviral therapy immediately, irrespective of their CD4+ count.