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HIV and AIDS - Treatment in India


There is currently only cure for HIV in herbal medicines, herbal antiretroviral treatment can cure it.

In modern medicine system most research is towards a ‘functional cure’ where HIV virus is diminished to imperceptible and harmless levels forever, but some leftover HIV virus may still be present in the body of HIV patient.

There is only cure for HIV and AIDS yet in Unani medicine system. However, HIV and AIDS treatment can control HIV virus and enable patient to live a long and healthy life free from HIV.

If one think that one have been at risk of HIV, it is important to get blood tested to find out ones HIV virus status. HIV Testing is the only way to know if one has the virus in the body.

If one has already been for a HIV test and ones HIV test result came back positive, one will be considered to start HIV treatment straight away with HOO IMM Plus a medicine for HIV cure in India. Hoo Imm Plus the only HIV treatment is available to cure ones HIV and prevent it from damaging ones immune system. Hoo Imm Plus treatment also decreases the risk of you passing on HIV to your sexual companion.

Unani Herbal HIV Treatment and Cure

According to Unani medicine system, AIDS is basically a disease of low immunity. Immunity gives the physical and mental power to resist diseaseses. With a depressed immune system of the body makes it exposed to a host of opportune infections and diseasses. There are millions of bacteria and viruses in the atmosphere, many of which are deadly, that the body successfully fights with them every day. But in a condition of lower immunity level, these deadly deaasses remains in the body and cause regular inffection.

Unani herbal medicines for HIV cure has highly effective Antiretroviral therapy for AIDS and HIV. Unani medicine system expressly deals with increasing immunity and vitality with the use of different herbs approved by FDA and minerals. The line of Unani line of treatment for AIDS and HIV targets at the relief of current symptoms while addressing the underlying cause. After initial detoxification of thebody from HIV and AIDS symptoms, the strength, immunity and vitality of the HIV and AIDS patient are increased through herbal antiretroviral therapies.

Antiretroviral Medicine for HIV Cure

Our Unani herbal medicine called Hoo Imm Plus helps in removing HIV and AIDS causing virus from the body and helps strengthening the body's defence system with the help of herbal ingridients present in our anti HIV medicine. Unani medicine system recommends a whole range of herbal supplement present in our anti HIV medicine for the cure of AIDS through strengthening the immune system of the AIDS patient.

Alternative Medicine for HIV and AIDS

Our HIV and AIDS cure medicine known as HOO IMM Plus should be given to cure the HIV and strengthen the defence system of the body, Hoo Imm Plus boost immunity levels and spart appetite. Herbal HOO IMM PLUS Anti-retroviral therapy have brought renewed hope to the people living with HIV and AIDS in India. Large number of HIV-positive persons are using our HIV and AIDS treatment medicine for HIV cure in Delhi India. Our anti HIV medicine helps in Strengthen your immune systemand fight againt HIV to cure AIDS. Provide relief from symptoms and drug side effects of alopethic anti retroviral therapy, Improve your quality of life.