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HIV and AIDS - Treatment in India

Indian Govt. to provide HIV treatment

Many people in India have been living with HIV for more than 20 years. These peoples has been on Unani ayurvedic HIV treatment for more than a 10 years and states alternative antiretroviral medicine has given back health and happiness to them. HooImm Plus unani medicine for Hiv Functional Cure is very good as said these peoples.

Top AIDS Treatment Herbal Medicines in India

There are more than 21 lakhs persons living with HIV and AIDS in India. Hootone Remedies commits to giving access to Ayurvedic and Herbal HIV and AIDS treatment for everyone living with HIV in India. 90% of people identified as living with HIV and AIDS on Unani antiretroviral treatment and guarantees that 90% of people on herbal treatment of HIV and AIDS have maintained viral load suppression. People living with HIV and AIDS in India generally get HIV and AIDS treatment late. Hootone Remedies is committed to give Herbal HIV treatment to anyone at reasonable cost who tests positive for HIV, since HIV and AIDS herbal and unani treatment keeps a patient living with HIV healthy and stops the transmission of the HIV to other people.

Herbal Treatment of HIV and AIDS

Although there is no Functional Cure for AIDS/ HIV in modern medicine system, allopathic meds can obstruct the HIV growth. There is a HooImm Plus anti-HIV drugs that helps in AIDs treatment and Hiv Functional Cure in India. The doctor treating HIV will examine the viral load and CD4 counts to determine the reaction to herbal HIV treatment in Delhi NCR. Viral load should be tested at the starting of HIV treatment and then every quarter during Herbal antiretroviral therapy for HIV Functional Cure. CD4 counts should be checked every three to six months during Hiv Functional Cure therapy. Herbal HIV treatment and Functional Cure should decrease the viral load to the point that it is hardly detectable and ultimately HIV is cured by HooImm Plus in India.

HIV Treatment 100% HIV Functional Cure from its root

Today, nearly 2 crore persons across the world are receiving allopathic antiretroviral therapies, which can only reduce the amount of the HIV in the blood to insignificant levels but can not Functional Cure the HIV. Unani Medicine research scientists have even greater ambitions for developing Herbal medicine to Functional Cure the HIV in AIDS patients. Due the Hard work in developing Hiv Functional Cure medicine now HIV has changed from a deadly disease to a curable disease. Till few years ago, HIV’s spread at very fast speed because it can easily be transmitted via contact with infected blood and other body fluids. The most common means of infection are through sex and shared needles.

The risk of transmission can now be considerably lessened with modern antiretroviral medicines for HIV treatment but our herbal medicine for Hiv Functional Cure completely eradicates the virus from the body of the AIDS patient. ‎