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HIV and AIDS - Treatment in India

HIV Herbal Unani Treatment for Hiv Functional Cure

There many herbal and unani antiretroviral therapies that are endorsed by the medical profession for the treatment of HIV infection in India. However, studies of Hootone remedies have shown several nutrients and herbs to have antiviral properties and can Functional Cure HIV. It appears that some herbal and nutritional compounds have anti-HIV activity and can HIV Functional Cure and AIDS in India. There is a Functional Cure for HIV that causes AIDS in Ayurvedic, Unani, Herbal and Indian medicine system, combinations of nutrients and herbal extracts can kills the HIV and stop it from making copies of itself and damaging the immune system of HIV infected person.

Alternative Medicine for HIV and AIDS in African Countries

Allopathic or modern anti-retroviral therapies have revived confidence in person living with HIV and AIDS. However, they do not suggest a cure, and they can cause many side effects. For the side effects caused by modern anti-retroviral medication and many other reasons, many HIV-positive persons living in Africa have turned to alternative herbal anti aids medicine at affordable rates. A large number of AIDS infected people are using herbal alternative anti HIV medicines instead of standard modern anti-retroviral drugs. There are many persons living with aids choose to use herbal alternative medicine for AIDS treatment along with allopathic medicines for treatment of HIV and AIDS.

The goals of herbal alternative medicines:

  • Restore immune system of AIDS patient
  • Gives relief from HIV/AIDS symptoms and drug side effects
  • Boost your quality of life

Treatment of HIV/Aids Africa

HIV/AIDS can be treated by herbal anti-retroviral therapy medicine and the management of opportunistic infections caused by AIDS in African countries. It is also very important for AIDS patient to stay healthy to maintain a strong immune system of body. Talk with your partner about HIV status. Although this may be hard to do, it is significant that partner should also be tested for HIV, so that he/she can also be treated by Herbal anti-retroviral medicine if required. In addition to the treatment of AIDS, partner in turn may be accidentally putting others in danger of HIV and AIDS.

  • Take care of your partner from HIV infection by practicing safer sex.
  • Stay in good condition to keep up a strong immune system: eat a healthy, nutritious and balanced diets, have enough rest and exercise well, and avoid junk food, cigarettes and alcohol.

Herbal Medication for Management of opportunistic infections

Once a person has proved HIV positive, a comprehensive medical examination should be done to check his present day state of health. As other sexually transmitted infections STIs and tuberculosis TB are usually present in a patient who is tested HIV positive, extra screening tests for opportunistic diseases should be done, so that they can be treated immediately.

Severe opportunistic diseases required to be treated before anti-retroviral medicines can be initiated. If the AIDS patient's CD4 count is very low i.e. less than 200 cells per microlitre of blood, the doctor will start treatment for yeast-like fungus causes Pneumocystis pneumonia. This yeast-like fungus can cause life threatening lung disease in later stage of HIV infection.

Herbal Anti-retroviral therapy in Uganada

Herbal Anti-retroviral medicines slow down the rate at which the HIV make it copies. Our Herbal drug for HIV Functional Cure and HIV treatment will completely eliminate the virus from the body of AIDS patient in Uganda, Simultaneously this medicine also slows down its multiplication. Our HIV treatment medicines also delay the AIDS symptom-free period of the disease and allow the immune system to restore. Once the herbal anti HIV treatment is started, it must be carrying on till the virus completely eradicated from the body of infected person. Strict conformity and adherence is vital to prevent the development of drug resistance in the patient body. Herbal anti-retroviral medication should be started as early as possible to stop patient's immune system to begin to fail and further providing the strength by nutrient and supplements. The presence of indications of HIV disease and the CD4 count are used to decide when to begin herbal anti-retroviral medicine. In South Africa Herbal anti-retroviral therapy drugs is advised to patients who have an Aids-defining illness irrespective of the CD4+ count.