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HIV and AIDS - Treatment in India

How “non-MBBS” healers making unani medicine for HIV treatment a hit in India

Does Unani Functional Cure for HIV sounds too “outdated” for you? Well, it shouldn’t. Since, as per the National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) data, the strength of over 335 million people have been in favor of using traditional Indian system of healing such as Unani Medicines for HIV. It is defying the current myth about high end usage of allopathic medicines. Additionally, the country has more than 7.37 lakhs registered practitioners (hakims) for combined streams of Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy and Siddha. There are also number of spacious Unani hospitals signifying a healthier tomorrow

How seriously Unani Functional Cure for HIV be looked at?

According to National AIDS Control Organization, 2 crores 39 lakhs (2.39 million) HIV infected people live in India. Hence, Unani Functional Cure for HIV is highly important as the mechanism to achieve the best health care has become the need of hour. Unfortunately, the implementation is experiencing somewhat slow progress.

Why unani medicine for HIV treatment is registering slow progress?

Well, in today’s high marketing world, our emotions are well taken hostage by few fancy advertisements forcing us with their opinion to make use of advanced techniques. Yes, we are easily misled by ad agencies with their tricky campaigns done with lots of vigor, research and dedication.

Unani medicine for hiv treatment is proving to be the best treatment in the health-care industry

People are experiencing mind-blowing change themselves after undergoing Unani Functional Cure for HIV. Yes the welcome change associated with Unani Medicine for HIV treatment has been an eye opener for everyone including allopathic practitioners who has started counting on the benefits with this traditionally rich mode of treatment

Why Unani Medicine for HIV Treatment?

Health care system in India has always been known and associated with series of indigenous treatments where Unani Medicine has been the highlight along with Ayurveda, naturopathy, yoga etc. Unlike allopathic care, which is often inaccessible for big chunk of Indians and has series of side-effects, unani medicine for hiv treatment has been a blessing. Unani Medicine is accompanied with healing properties in line with natural herbs and is accompanied with no “side effects”. Being practiced since thousands of years, this ancient healing method has proved to be a ray of hope for people suffering with HIV in a safe and sound manner.

How should we view HIV infected people?

HIV infected patients need our support in their quest of getting them a normal life through Unani Medicine for HIV. They certainly don’t want to be shammed and discriminated while being questioned about their morality. They need a positive, healthy and friendly behavior which will infact create a sense of belonging and motivation and of course “will-power” of fighting against the disease through unani medicine for HIV treatment.

After all, a healthy life is the best gift which nature bestows on an individual and the promising results has been a revolution in health industry. Yes, unani medicine for HIV treatment is continuously giving hopes and aspirations for people to get their lives back on track.