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HIV and AIDS - Treatment in India

Alternative Medicine for HIV and AIDS in African Countries

Alternative medicine comprises a range of restorative approaches for AIDS and HIV infected persons. Many of the alternative treatment for AIDS are holistic in approach. This means they combine the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Few examples of AIDS and HIV alternative treatment medicine are mentioned below. It is important to mention that alternative treatment medicine for HIV and AIDS cure is not approved by the FDA or regulated by the U.S.A. government.

Alternative medical systems for treatment of AIDS and HIV has evolved independently from and standard allopathic medicine called antiretroviral therapy.

Homeopathic medicine is an individualized treatment for HIV and AIDS cure in India and Africa. It involves natural and herbal substances such as minerals, vitamins, and herbs. It is based on a principle that these herbal and mineral substances can cure, when given in small doses to the HIV and AIDS patients.

Naturopathic medicine uses natural curative forces within the body of the AIDS patient to help it cure and stay healthier. Ayurveda is an example of a Naturopathic system practiced mainly in third world countries of the world -- in this Ayurveda treatment for AIDS is very popular in the Indian subcontinent. It stresses the use of the body, mind, and spirit to prevent and treat AIDS and HIV diseases in India.

Yoga is an age-old system of breathing and stretching exercises, postures, and meditation for cure of HIV and AIDS in India.

Massage therapy includes wistful or rubbing body tissues to reduce pain and improve blood flow for HIV and AIDS cure in India.

Acupuncture needs the infusion of tiny needles into fixed areas of the body. It can be used for number of logic. Like, acupuncture may be used to enhance energy, lessen fatigue, reduction of nerve pain, even help with all types of addiction.

Chiropractic is a system of administration and treatment of body makeup, especially the spine.

Mind-body therapies use the mind and spirit to help lessen pain, stress, and other side effects of AIDS.

Meditation helps silent and focus the mind and body. It often involves deep breathing helps in getting rid of side effects causes by HIV and AIDS.

Visualization uses the power to create AIDS patient mind to help him picture being in a safe, relaxing place.

Herbal therapies for HIV and AIDS cure come from plants and may work much like standard unani ayurvedic drugs.

Dietary supplements are foods or substances from foods taken by mouth to add to AIDS patient diet. Dietary Supplements may include vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, or enzymes. These may be used for different purposes, like boosting of immune system for HIV and AIDS patient.

Biofield therapies apply physical force or manipulate the body. Biofield therapy practitioners trust that energy fields enclose and pierce the body of AIDS patient. They place hands in or through these fields to increase energy flow and your health.

What You Should Know About Alternative Medicine for HIV cure

It's best to take preventive measures when trying out something new. The field of alternative medicine treatment for AIDS is not regulated the way standard Modern Western drugs are.

Speak to your doctor who is treating the HIV about any alternative treatment medicine for HIV and AIDS you want to try. You must Knew that some doctors who are treating HIV and AIDS may dishearten the aids patient because of the lack of evidence about capability and the potential of mysterious side effects and interplay with other treatments.